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TransportMe Passenger App

Click the Links below to download the TransportMe Passenger to start tracking our buses.

Setting up the TransportMe Passenger App
  1. Download the TransportMe Passenger App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  2. Login with your Apple ID or Google Account > Allow the app to use your location.

  3. Select ‘Cook’s Island Bus Passenger Transport Ltd’ from the List of operators and you will see a list of routes.

  4. Select a route that you wish to track.

  5. For the Anti-Clockwise Bus select > ANTI-CLOCKWISE

  6. For the Clockwise Bus select > CLOCKWISE BUS

  7.  Tap "Start Tracking" at the bottom of the stop list page. You will then be taken to the map page showing the live location of the bus operating your selected route.

  8. You will now see many Pin Drop icons on the map. These are different stops around the island. To help clear up the map for simple tracking, tap the settings cog at the top right of the route list and turn on ‘Show saved stops only’ and close.

  9. To add another route, tap the search icon at the top right corner of the page and select "Cook's Island Bus Passenger Transport LTD" from the list of operators > Select the next route you wish to track > Tap "Start Tracking" and you will be taken to the map again showing the bus operating your added route along with the first.

  10. The map will now only display the active buses. Location information will update every 5-7 seconds. Bus icons will be color coordinated with active route list on the map screen.

  11. You can now start tracking the buses.

Note: Do not use the option to show stop times. Our stop times have not been configured and will only show you the stop number in order.

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