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If you wish to apply for a Bus Card for yourself or child, please fill in the below for and submit your application.

The Bus Card costs $15 for a New Registration and $5 for replacement cards. Please contact our Office on 25512 if you wish to order a replacement Bus Card. Your Bus Card Application will be seen to as soon as possible. After Payment and Collection of your Bus Card you will be required to top it up for first use. The minimum Top Up amount will be set at $10 for adults and $5 for students. Resident Adults will charged at $2.50 per ride each time you tap on and off the bus. Students will be charged $2 per ride each time they tap on to a School Bus. If you lose your card we will allow a short period of which the drivers will manually enter your ride transaction until such a time as you have located the lost card or order a replacemnt.

Bus Card Registration

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